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Motor Testing Equipment for EOL (End of Line)

Nowadays electric motors are subject to 100% inspection following manufacturing.
The M.E.A. Inertial Dynamometer gives the ultimate solution where the conventional dynamometer cannot, since the usage of the conventional dynamometer is often impracticable due to time constraints, cost, and complex setups.
Inertial Dynamometer devices are the ideal testing solution for every type of electrical motor, providing real measurements of the motor output without a usage of modeling. Due to the very fast testing cycle (less than 5 sec) and accuracy of M.E.A. Inertial Dynamometer devices, we have developed our MotorLine systems to meet the demands of testing 100% of the motors on the assembly/production line.
M.E.A. Inertial Dynamometer devices for production line can be manual or fully automatic.
M.E.A. turnkey customized systems include:
·        Full conventional motor performance test, from starting to no load speed
·        High Voltage Test
·        Insulation Test
·        Protective Wire Test
·        Vibration and Noise level
Please choose your Inertial Dynamometer, according to your types of motors, from the list of products on this page.

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